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Memory Enhancement

We have all had one of those episodes in which we have misplaced an item, forgotten an important number, even at times blocked out a significant part of our life. These events can be very disturbing and often debilitating and costly. Have you ever had problems remembering names or other details that may hold you back in your career? Hypnosis and mind-body conditioning may be the solution for all of those lapses in memory. By using the subconscious parts of the brain you can often facilitate a different level of memory and recall.

How Can Hypnosis Help?

There are many uses of recalling information that hypnosis can assist with. We are often called on to help find misplaced items such as jewelry or money or recall a forgotten number like a safe combination or telephone number. Under hypnosis the subconscious mind has the ability to recall even trivial information. The mind is like a complex computer network that stores billions of files. Hypnosis is the process to recall and locate the missing file that contains the information you are trying to locate. When you relive mental and physical stress it is much like retrieving that forgotten name as you sit straight up in bed at 3 am.

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