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Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy is a positive way to quit smoking. Why does everyone talk about hypnosis as the main tool to stop smoking and how does that affect you? Quitting smoking could be easier than you think. Learn More

Weight Loss/Reduction

You will become healthier, happier and have increased energy. Our program will work in conjunction with other weight loss programs. Get off the roller coaster and get control of what and how you eat.

Stress Reduction

Hypnosis is a great way to help the mind and body adapt in stressful situations. It is often said that a person will take things in psychologically but must release physically.

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification can be anything from changing a way you think to an abnormal or bothersome habit. It is very interesting that we may often do things without being consciously aware of how and what we are doing.


Treating addictions with hypnosis addresses not only the physical part of an addiction, but the psychological part of an addiction. It is believed that an addiction is a behavioral action that is repeated to the point that often times leaves us with dire consequences.


Most underlying reasons for headaches is the body’s inability to deal with stress. A headache is a common way that the body will react to stress and tension. Whether you have frequent or reoccurring headaches or an occasional headache, hypnosis can offer you relief.

Confidence/ Self Worth

We have all been a victim from time to time of a lowered self-esteem and confidence. Our society sends us daily messages on how we potentially don’t measure up to the “best in class” of any particular area of life.

Memory Enhancement

We have all had one of those episodes in which we have misplaced an item, forgotten an important number, even possibly blocked out a significant part of our life.

Sports Performance

We have always been fascinated with sports, and over the years we have had people who have become legends in their own right. Improve your own sports performance.


Have you ever lacked motivation or procrastinated to the point of failure? Motivation is one of those behavioral attributes that can be challenged in any given area of life.

Anxiety / Panic

Those who suffer from Anxiety or Panic attacks will quickly associate with the feeling of desperation, despair and that “out of control” feeling that anxiety and panic can bring about.


It is not uncommon to have a few restless nights from time to time but a regular pattern that forms an inability to sleep is considered insomnia.

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