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About Joy

MarLynn JOY MacLeod began using hypnosis with cancer patients involvedin her non-profit organization, Cancer Care Advocates. As a survivor, Joy heard that hypnosis was a great tool to use for cancer pain relief. Not familiar with hypnosis, Joy decided to experience a session. During her first session, she was a nervous wreck! She had a fabulous hypnotherapist, received her CD, went home and began a new journey, using hypnosis. At the time, she had severe insomnia. She was on double doses of sleep medications and still not sleeping. Within 3 short days, she began sleeping. Within 2 weeks, she was off all sleep medications! To this day, she sleeps easily, all through the night. If she wakes, she easily goes right back to sleep. Amazing!

Joy has used hypnosis successfully to stop a severe sugar addiction, lose weight and put an end to menopausal hot flashes. She uses hypnosis every single night and is still amazed at daily results.

Joy’s education includes 22 years in ophthalmology and optometry. She is a certified lay minister and bereavement coach. She enjoys working with people, helping them reach their full potential.

She is passionate about reading, Zumba and Swedish weaving.

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“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”
- Zig Ziglar

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